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RSPB Old Moor

Windhill Primary are proud to have been working alongside RSPB Old Moor for some time now on projects based in school, and at the conservation centre. Continue reading to see some of our projects.
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Eel Conservation Project


Year 1 did an amazing job of taking care of a whole tank of tiny baby eels, known as elvers, for  the Old Moor eel conservation project and when the elvers were ready, the children were all invited to RSPB Old Moor to release the eels back into the wild. Each of the children had an opportunity to handle the eels as well as taking part in pond-dipping and bug hunts around the wildlife sanctuary. Everyone had a wonderful time.



Wildlife Garden Renovations


With some help from the conservationists at Old Moor, we are beginning renovation of our Wildlife Garden. The School Council helped to start clearing the space and preparing to add some new features to attract wildlife, such as bug hotels and bird houses. We were excited to find out that a rare British bird species has been spotted in there, so keep watching for more developments on this project.