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Here are some useful links to access at home to support your child's learning:

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Fun ideas to try at home:


  • Make playdough at home (flour, salt, water, food colouring) and practise rolling, squeezing, pinching, change the shape, making your child's name out of playdough etc
  • Practise making marks and pictures (lines, circles, zigzags) using pencils, crayons or paints
  • Pour salt/sugar into a baking tray and practise writing using fingers, sticks, magic wands etc
  • Have a tea party/picnic with your child's toys and share food between them. Can your child recognise when they have the same amount and which one has more or less? Can your child count how many each toy has?
  • Practise recognising numbers to 10 and beyond. Can your child count the correct amount next to the corresponding number of sweets, fruit, crisps etc?
  • Take the time to read stories together
  • Make up your own stories
  • Dress up and get into character
  • Play board games
  • Sing nursery rhymes and change the words to songs, stop part way through and see if your child can finish the rhyme
  • Make silly soup using a bowl and put in rhyming objects or draw pictures of words that rhyme e.g. cat, mat, hat, bat or slug, jug, mug, rug
  • Make silly soup and put in objects beginning with the same letter sound eg snake, soup, slug, sun, sunglasses
  • Read rhyming books and pick the rhyming words out in stories such as Rumble in the Jungle, Shark in the Park