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Welcome to the class page for Mr McDonald's favourite subject: Mathematics!


This term, pupils will studying the number system in great detail through our Number and Place Value module. Children will be recapping some of their prior learning and delving deeper into the subject matter to ensure that they develop a strong, deep understanding of how the number system works. They will then be applying this knowledge to more difficult concepts and questions, before using it to underpin their future learning.


This year, there will be a far greater emphasis on times tables. Pupils will be studying hard to learn their times tables quickly and securely. By the end of the year, they should be able to recite the times tables upwards from 0 x number to 12 x number; they should be able to answer any times table randomly; and able to state the times tables calculation when given the answer (for example, 28 is 4 x 7). Have a look at some of the links below for help practicing times tables: