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Autumn Term


Our first topic this year is all about the ground below us. Pupils will explore the different types of rocks which make up our planet and begin to explore how fossils are made. They will learn how fossils are created from living things and that these artefacts can help us to explore the past.

After half-term, we will explore the topic of magnetism and other forces. 


History & Geography

The Romans are Coming! This exciting topic will help children to learn all about a key part of British history and how the Roman invasion has impacted on the world as we know it today. Pupils will explore maps and the human geography behind the invasion (and Iceni Revolt), before turning their attention to the cultural and technological advancements that were brought to Britain and Doncaster in particular. Covid permitting, we will also be attending an event held at the Royal Armouries in Leeds where pupils will learn how the Iceni tribespeople lived, and explore the demands of training to be a Roman Centurion.


Throughout the term as a whole, pupils will be considering the overarching question of our topic: What did the Romans do for Doncaster?

Leeds Royal Armouries