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Rocks - Pupils will explore the world of geology and most notably, fossils. They will have a change to learn about different kinds of rocks and perform a range of scietific investigations to learn their properties first hand, as if they are the first scientists to make the discoveries.


Light - Pupils will study how light (and the way it reflects) is responsible for the way we see. Through investigations, they will learn about how some objects are transparent, translucent, or opague. They will also explore how shadows are formed and how they change in relation to the light source.


Forces and Magnets - In this module, pupils will learn about magnetism and the way this force behaves. By exploring first hand, they will find out how magnets behave with different materials, with each other, and in different environments (such as underwater). Finally, we will learn about the modern day uses of magnets and electromagnetism.


Plants - In this year's first Biology unit, pupils will explore the functions of parts of plants in more detail, including how water is transported around the plants.


Animals, including Humans - In this module, pupils will learn about the nutrition which is needed by animals and humans. They will also explore how the skeleton supports and protects the body.