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The Romans are Coming!


In this exciting topic, pupils will learn all about the rise and fall of the Roman Empire. Pupils will have to work like historians to discover how the Romans arrived in Britain and how they changed things for better or worse. By exploring different groups of people, they will also see that not everyone held the same view of the Empire. Desite their improvements in technology and quality of life, there were rebellions, the most famous being the Iceni tribe's revolt under Boudicca's leadership.




In this module, pupil's will explore the rich history of the cocoa bean and how, after it's cultural significance to the Mayans and Aztecs, it was transported to Europe and eventually became the sugary treat we know today. As well as the historical aspects of this topic, pupils will also study the geography of the cocoa bean and it's growth between the tropics. They will explore how the social differences can lead to exploitation and how organisations such as Fairtrade look to address the imbalance.

Finally, pupils will enjoy the opportunity to put on their yearly school play - Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Tasting Different Chocolates