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Class Dojo

Class Dojo  is a school communication platform that connects teachers, students, and families, bringing them closer together. This is done in two ways. One, by sharing what’s being learned in the classroom with home through portfolios, photos, videos, and messages. And, two, by helping students build social-emotional skills through in-classroom feedback and engaging activities. These relationships require trust, which is why we’ve made sure ClassDojo is a safe and private environment for teachers, parents, and students.


The app notifies parents whenever they receive a new private message, a new Class Story

post is added or if their child has posted to their Student Story. You can also enter multiple parent codes to your account so you can connect with all of your children’s classes.


ClassDojo is GDPR compliant and ensures all of your child’s information is kept safe. Only they, their teachers, and you as their parents can see their information.


Please speak to your child's teacher if you would like a log-in for this service.