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Reading at Windhill

At Windhill, we love to read and to share books. Throughout school all children have access to comfortable and engaging areas where they can access a wide range of age appropriate texts and are given time to enjoy reading for pleasure as well as for study.


Our school library has a wide range of appropriate, good quality fiction and non-fiction books all chosen to provide the best reading experiences alongside our school reading schemes. In addition every class has its own welcoming reading area featuring everything from recent authors to classics where children can spend time enjoying books and learning more about their favourite authors.


Reading for Pleasure

We have really raised the profile of reading around school because the children of Windhill Primary love to read! We enjoyed getting 'Caught on Camera' reading in different places, taking part in Doncaster Stories, linking European Languages Day with stories from other countries and finding out what our teachers are reading with 'Books on the Doors'. 


Here are some of the things we have to say about reading at Windhill:

"Reading is amazing!"

"Our class texts are exciting. They challenge me because they have hard words in them but my teacher helps me to understand."

"I know I'm getting better at reading because I am moving up the reading bands."

"I love that there are lots of different books for me to choose to read."



Reading Areas Around School

South Yorkshire Reading Guarantee

Reading for pleasure is a more important indicator of future success than any socio-economic factors. 


WHAT? The Guarantee

  • Every child will learn to read.

  • Every child will choose to read frequently for pleasure.


Learning to read...

in our school, we:

• Teach with fidelity to a systematic synthetic phonics programme.

• Ensure cumulative progression of sounds and books.

• Build a team of expert reading teachers through regular training.

• Reach the lowest 20% pupils with daily 1:1 tutoring.

• Dedicate sufficient time for the reading leader role.

Creating the conditions for Reading for Pleasure

In our school, we...

• Insist that teachers have an excellent knowledge of children's texts.

• Know our children as readers.

• Are committed to Reading for Pleasure Pedagogy:

                  - Reading aloud.

                  - Informal book talk and recommendations

                  - Reading time.

                  - Social reading environments.