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Governors Welcome

Welcome back everyone to a new year at Windhill Primary School. It’s a pleasure to welcome back children and staff to such a wonderful school.

Countries and cultures across our world celebrate the New Year in many different ways.


On February 1st this year, it will be the start of the Chinese New Year. Each year is named after one of 12 animals who, tradition has it, took part in a race to swim across a river.


The Jade Emperor would then name each subsequent year after the order that the animals finished the race. The rat came first followed by the Ox, followed by the tiger.

This year is Year of the Tiger.


The qualities associated with the Tiger include enthusiasm, courage and ambition.

As I read this, my mind immediately went to Windhill Primary School. I believe that these qualities sum up our entire school community-pupils, staff, families, friends of the school -extremely well.


Courage is something we have all had to show, in different ways and at different times, especially over the last two years since the Covid-19 pandemic began. Life has been, and continues to be, challenging and our thoughts are with any in our community who continue to suffer in any way.

In the face of great courage, we are excited by the school’s continued enthusiasm for providing the best education for our pupils and so grateful for our families’ and friends’ enthusiastic support day by day.


When courage and enthusiasm work together then there is hope and ambition: hope that through 2022 we can move forward step by step together and the ambition to support our children to be the best versions of themselves and to take their place in our world with their own courage, enthusiasm and ambition.


My very best to you, on behalf of the Governing Body at Windhill Primary School,

Lynn Mathers