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Financial Maths Days

Children have loved the launch of our financial maths curriculum. To find out more, please follow the following link to our video:


Financial Maths Video and Information


At Windhill Primary School, our ethos is to put children at the heart of everything we do. We want our children to not only succeed in school, but in their wider lives into adulthood. One of the biggest areas of maths to impact on people in their lives is in money, and how to handle it. Unfortunately, this is an area which is not necessarily taught to children across the country at the time of writing this intent statement. In fact, according to a survey by Money and Pensions UK, 20.3 million (39%) of adults don’t feel comfortable handling money. By creating this curriculum, we aim to give our pupils the tools to successfully handle finances when they become adults.

            Our curriculum will have four main intent statements:

  1. Pupils will be able to manage money and know how to use it correctly in transactions.
  2. Pupils will become critical consumers who can make informed decisions when choosing how to use their money.
  3. Pupils will be able to manage risks and emotions associated with money.
  4. Pupils will be aware of the important role that money plays in our daily lives.