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We've signed up to the South Yorkshire Reading Guarantee

Reading for pleasure is a more important indicator of future success than any socio-economic factors. 


The Guarantee

  • Every child will learn to read.

  • Every child will choose to read frequently for pleasure.



Learning to our school, we:

• Teach with fidelity to a systematic synthetic phonics programme.

• Ensure cumulative progression of sounds and books.

• Build a team of expert reading teachers through regular training.

• Reach the lowest 20% pupils with daily 1:1 tutoring.

• Dedicate sufficient time for the reading leader role.


Creating the conditions for Reading for Pleasure

In our school, we...

• Insist that teachers have an excellent knowledge of children's texts.

• Know our children as readers.

• Are committed to Reading for Pleasure Pedagogy:

                  - Reading aloud.

                  - Informal book talk and recommendations

                  - Reading time.

                  - Social reading environments.